WBP Constable PMT & PET Exam All Vital Informations [2023]

WB Police Constable Physical Measurement Test And Physical Efficiency Test Full Details

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In this article today we will discuss about the detailed steps of WBP Constable Physical Measurement and Physical Efficiency Test and give you a clear view of these processes.
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Physical Measurement Test Details

Important details of Physical Measurement Test:
  • After clearing the Preliminary Written Examination you will be called for Physical Measurement Test (PMT) and Physical Efficiency Test (PET).
  • The venue or the ground where your Physical Measurement and Physical Efficiency Test will be taken, will be notified at the official website of WBP Board.
  • You have to take out a printout of your PMT and PET admit card and carry it to the venue of your test, otherwise you will not be allowed in the test.
  • Candidates seeking relaxation through OBC certificate will have to carry their OBC certificate after renewing from competent authority, like- BDO or SDO office.
  • Your physical test will most probably happened in the noon time of the day, so you have to go there with required preparation for that.
  • Your physical measurement test will be taken at first and then the physical efficiency test.
  • Before physical measurement test your photo and fingerprint will be taken.
  • Then your height and chest measurement will be taken.
  • Chest measurement will be taken first in normal position and again will be taken after expansion by inhaling.
  • All these physical measurements will be done by the use of electronic devices.
  • After chest measurement your weight will be measured, minimum weight for wbp constable is 57 kg.
  • If your weight is less than 57 kg, you will be disqualified. So before going for the PMT and PET examination you should make your weight at least 57 kg but not more than the weight specified for your height in the official notification.
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Now see the detailed steps of Physical Efficiency Test below:

WBP Constable Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

Important details of Physical Efficiency Test:
  • PET or Physical Efficiency Test is the the third stage of WBP Recruitment.
  • As soon as your weight is measured and you qualify in that stage, your physical measurement test is completed.
  • After that a serial number will be e attached to your chest or back side.
  • A cap will also be given to wear on your head, a sensor will be attached to this cap, which will automatically count the number of rounds you cover on the ground when running for Physical Efficiency Test.
  • You have to keep this two things (the serial number and the sensor cap) with you till the end of the Physical Efficiency Test, if you lose any one of that you may have to face several problems.
  • Then the Physical Efficiency Test will start, usually 20 to 25 candidates (depends on the total number) will be instructed to run in each round.
  • Male candidates have to run for 1600 meters in 6 minutes and 30 seconds. And female candidates have to run for 800 meters in 4 minutes.
  • This physical Efficiency test is not like any running competition, where you have to be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  • All the candidates who will cover required distance (1600 meters for men and 800 meters for women) in required time period (6 minutes 30 seconds for men and 4 minutes for women) will be qualified for the next stage.
  • After the running for Physical Efficiency Test, successful candidates will be instructed to gather in a place, and then a “Passed In PET” sticker or stamp will be attached to their admit cards.
  • With this your Physical Efficiency Test will be completed and you will be instructed to go out of the venue.
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Other stages other than PMT & PET Exam of West Bengal Police Constable Recruitment

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FAQs – WBP Constable PMT & PET Exam

1. Will I get any second chance in the WBP PMT (Physical Measurement Test)?

Yes, as the steps of the PMT, that is the height, chest and weight measurement don’t take too much time you will get a second chance.

If someone is qualified on the basis of measurement, they can apply to the board chairman for their re-measurement on the very day of PMT, later that day they will not get any second chance.

2. Will I get any second chance in the WBP PET (Physical Measurement Test)?

No, you will not get any second chance in the PET, only the candidates who will qualify at the first chance will be selected.

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