WBP Constable Medical Examination Process All Important Details

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Most of the WBP Constable aspirants don’t have any idea about the Medical Test or Medical Examination Process of WBP Constable Recruitment, they wonder about what will happen during the medical test.

WBP Constable Medical Test
WBP Constable Medical Test

And aspirants often have different type of doubts like- what medical tests will be required to do, where the medical examination will be taken, from where they have to do their required medical tests etc.

So, to clear all those doubts of the aspirants and to give a brief idea about WBP Medical Examination process, today in this article we will discuss in detail about each of the steps of that process.

WBP Constable Medical Examination Details

Important informations of WBP Medical Test:

  • The day on which your document verification process will complete at the D.B office, you will be given all the instructions to complete your medical examination process.
  • And you will be given an information brochure, where all the informations about your medical examination will be printed.
  • On this information brochure there will be written what medical tests you have to do to complete your medical examination.
  • you will be instructed to do different medical tests like – chest X-Ray, routine blood test, ECG, routine urine test, test of spleen, hernia test, glycosuria test, albumin test, knock knee test, flat feet test, hydrocele test, eye test, stammering test etc within the span of some days.
  • You have to do all these tests from any government hospital or any laboratory recognised by West Bengal Clinical Department, and after doing these tests you have to keep all this test reports with you.
  • Then on a particular day, you will be called from the office of Police Superintendent, and from there you will be taken to a government hospital.
  • There you have to carry all your test reports and original copy of your Aadhaar and Voter ID card.
  • There all your test reports will be reviewed. And they will check weather you can see, hear and speak properly or not. With that step your medical test will be completed, and then they will instruct you to go out from there.
  • After some days or weeks notification will be published on the official website of WBP Board regarding your training process.
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Stages other than Medical Test of West Bengal Police Constable Recruitment

Click on each points below to see the detailed information:

FAQs – WBP Constable Medical Test

1. What are the steps of WBP Constable Medical Test?

There are several steps of medical test, check detailed steps and details in this article.

2. What medical tests are done in WBP Constable Medical Test?

Different medical tests like- chest X-Ray, routine blood test, ECG, hernia test etc are done, know details in this article.

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