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If you are searching for the Intelligent Investor English book pdf authored by Benjamin Graham, then you have came to the right place because here direct Download link of The Intelligent Investor First Edition English Book PDF is given for completely Free.

About The Intelligent Investor English Book PDF

The Intelligent Investor book is all about the strategies that the author Benjamin Graham has applied for the investment in stock market.

Here he talks about long term investment approach instead of short term strategy and the value investing. He states that the value of a company or stocks cannot be determined in short term, because in short term market may oppositely react with the value of the company, regardless of it’s quality.

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And the value investing means you focus on the company’s long term vision and mission. You try to understand whether the company may grow in the coming couple of decades or not. So you focus on the companies probable future value instead of current market situations.

The Intelligent Investor Book PDF Download
The Intelligent Investor Book PDF Download

He also states about his strategy of group approach, which means you don’t focus too much on individual company or the catagory in which the companies fall under. Instead, you allocate all the companies from different sectors depending on some common rules and criterias.

And after allocating those companies depending on the rules, you buy a group of stocks which are underrated and undervalued than their actual value. And he discuss that with the group approach he has achieved much more than he had desired in the long run.

Key Points & Benefits of Reading The Intelligent Investor English Book

The key points or strategies you come to know after reading the Intelligent Investor book are:

  • You have to keep patience and confidence together, focus on the actual performance of the company rather than its current and volatile market price.
  • Focus on companies actual value, and after buying those undervalued stocks hold them for long time to gain much bigger.
  • Always maintain the margin of safety, and the margin of safety is maintained through buying undervalued stocks in sale. Companies “dividend yield” and “debt to equity ratio” is also factors to determine the margin of safety for that company.
  • You get to know about the Graham’s Number, by the use of which a defensive investor can invest in shorter time, with less effort and with little management.
  • You should invest on the companies that have records to give consistent dividends to their shareholders for the last couple of decades.
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Download The Intelligent Investor Book In English PDF

FAQs – The Intelligent Investor Book PDF In English

1. What are the key points of the Intelligent Investor book by Benjamin Graham?

Know all the key points, benefits and drawbacks of Intelligent Investor Book.

2. How to Download the Intelligent Investor book English PDF?

Download the Latest Edition Intelligent Investor Book PDF from this post.

3. How many pages are there in the Intelligent Investor Book?

There are a total of 641 pages in the Intelligent Investor Book.

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