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About Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Book PDF Download

Hello friends, today we are going to share with you the Rich Dad Poor Dad English Book Free PDF, but before that you should know some important informations about this one of the best selling Financial book.

Robot kiyosaki authord book a reach Dad Poor Dad is one of the revolutionary financial knowledge book. This book is the best selling financial book of last two decades.

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Rich Daddy Poor Daddy English Book PDF
Rich Daddy Poor Daddy English Book PDF

In this book robot kiyosaki have compared the financial mentality and understanding of a rich father and a poor father. And gave the knowledge to choose the best financial decision to get ultimate financial freedom in life.

The other author of this book Sharon Lechter have discussed that how a middle class father advises his children, advises them to give their best in their school and college academics and get a government or private job to secure future of their life.

And in the same way as the parents of the author has given them advise, the author also given the same advise to their child, like: to move heaven and earth in their academics and earn money as their parents have done in their career. But one day the son of the author comes back to from school and says that he doesn’t enjoy to learn the subject in his academics, and why would he learn those subjects which will benefit him nothing in the future.

And her son also says that- I don’t want to leave my full life working hard in a job, paying the taxes, and chasing after the money till the death comes.

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Listening to the words of her son the author also becomes tensed, and thinks that why we are giving the same advise to our child that our parents have given us 50 years ago. The career development and money earning knowledges that had worked successfully 50 years ago, do not appears as relevant in this rapidly changing world of technological advancements.

She understand a little bit that the career development and money earning approaches that they are taking account of, are not right for today’s world. Though we work hard, pay the bills and taxes and chase the money till the end of our life, but we do not get our desired life. Then the author starts brainstorming and tries to find the way of earning money that would give her the ultimate financial freedom she wanted.

Then one day Robert Kiyosaki comes to the husband of the author and compares the financial thinking of the rich and middle class mentality people with rat chasing phenomenon. They understand the difference between the asset and liability, which things drains away our money, and which things earn money to us.

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Then husband of Sharon Lechter tells her about Robert Kiyosaki and they meet together, and discussing those financial matters together they wrote this book: Rich Daddy Poor Daddy.

Things We Learn From Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

The financial knowledges we gain from this Rich Daddy Poor Daddy English Book are:

  • You don’t need to earn a lot of money to become rich, you need to learn the techniques of investing those money you are earning right now.
  • Rich people do not work for money, rather they make money work for them.
  • Rich people buys assets that will all money to them, and middle class people buys liabilities thinking as assets.
  • Financial knowledge is not in how you save money is, financial knowledge is in how you spend or invest them.
  • The biggest asset we have is our intelligence and financial knowledge.
  • Always mind in your own work, don’t concentrate on the matters the others are doing.
  • You should work to learn knowledges, not to earn money, when you will learn the thing money will automatically come to you.

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