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If you are looking to Download List Of Excel Formulas PDF, then you have come to the right place, because here direct Download link of All Basic & Advanced Excel Formulas PDF is given.

About Basic Excel Formulas PDF

Excel Formulas are the functions which we use to do calculations with less effort. We use Excel formulas to do operations for a range of cells of the rows or the columns in the Excel sheet. This formulas works as a function and give out a result for the operation you command to do.

You can use Excel formulas to do addition, workout the mean, the average, the percentage of the values entered in the range of cells.

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Download MS Excel Formulas List PDF
Download MS Excel Formulas List PDF

Some List Of Excel Formulas

Here take an overview of some Excel Formulas discussed below:

  1. SUM (Addition): SUM() Excel function is used to do edition of a range of values you have put in the cells.
  2. AVERAGE: The AVERAGE() formula is used to calculate the average of a range of values given in the cells.
  3. COUNT: The COUNT() Excel formula is used to count the total number of sales in a range of the row or column that contains a numeric value, this does not count blank cells or cells containing values other than numeric.
  4. SUBTOTAL: This SUBTOTAL() formula is a multipurpose formula, that can be used to do either average, count, sum, min, max or others.
  5. MODULUS: The formula MOD() is used to calculate the remainder when a specific number is divided by a divisor.
  6. POWER: Power() formula calculates the the power of any number raised to a certain number, as per your command.
  7. CEILING: The CEILING() formula helps us to calculate the multiple of a number nearest greater than another number given in a specific cell.
  8. FLOOR: The Floor() function operates as the opposite of Ceiling() function, which helps us to calculate the multiple of a number nearest smaller than another number given in a specific cell.
  9. CONCATENATE: This Excel Formula is used to add a number of text strings and make appear the result in another cell.
  10. LEN: The LEN() this function counts total number of characters in a text string, it counts all the characters, spaces and special characters also.
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Benefits Of Using Excel Formulas

There are several benefits of using Excel Formulas like:

  • Formulas make it easy to make calculations on a range of datas of Excel worksheet.
  • It not only calculates but also automatically updates the functional operation done before with the change of data in the cells.
  • Complex calculations become so easy like, calculating the average, aur workout the percentage of a range of datas instantly.
  • Using Excel formulas helps you to do your calculations in shorter span of time.
  • Knowing and mastering Excel formulas makes you different from others in job and work industry.
  • It makes you more confident with your skills being more sharp with the help of this Excel Formulas.

Download List Of Ms Excel Formulas PDF

FAQs – Excel Formulas PDF with Example 2021 Download Free

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