Agragami Group of Educational Institutions is wholly supported by J.C. Kala Educational & Cultural Trust (R) and Kakaday Santhuram Rao Lakshmi Bai Charitable Trust (R). In 1999 under the leadership of H.R Satishchandra, the group of like-minded Founders who were people of enterprise and innovation - practical dreamers - embodied in Agragami the concept of an educational institution delivering general and professional education to all classes of people.

In 2002 VSM Aerospace, AME Training School which was established in 1993 by Gp Capt. C. Chandra Sekharan VSM, joined with Agragami. Since its inception, Agragami experienced impressive growth, starting with 23 students and growing into over 2,800 students annually, enrolled in diversified courses in all the schools.

From left to right the Founders are:
Late Gp Capt. C. Chndrasekharan VSM
Late K. Krishna Rao
Late K. Godavari Bai
K. Shantha Ram

Disclosure: J.C. Kala Educational and Cultural Trust is a registered organization established in Bangalore and recognized by Government of Karnataka, India, Reg. No. 255/98-99 dated 11.02.1999. The Trust is run by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated intellectuals as Trustees. Government of India has also extended the concessions of exemptions U/s 80 G & 12A of Income Tax Act.


1. To conduct research work in alternative sources of electricity generation, particularly as mentioned in VEDAS. This work is conducted at Agragami Nature's Electricity Generating System.

2. To impart high quality computer oriented hi-tech education from kindergarten to post-graduation level in general stream and professional courses such as Computer Applications, Business Administration, Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Computer, and other engineering disciplines.

3. To award Scholarship for the needy students who want to pursue their education, to encourage students with extraordinary academic, artistic and sports talents to achieve their goal of rising up to international levels.

4. To adopt schools in the rural area and to impart hi-tech quality education for the underprivileged of the society in villages and hamlets.

5. To conduct free eye examinations and voluntary blood donation camps in rural area.

6. To conduct training camps for the benefit of women and children in rural area in order to enhance their life skills and encourage adoption of cultural heritage.


Agragami means "pioneering" and "moving forward" and is another, lesser known name for Lord Ganesha - one of the best known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. Although he is known by many other attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to indentify. Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles, the Lord of Beginnings (new ventures, pioneering, moving forward), patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. Ganesha is a non-sectarian deity, and Hindus of all denominations invoke him at the beginning of prayers, important undertakings, beginning of ventures and religious ceremonies.

The heart of our logo is composed of hexagram with the elephant inside it. Although the hexagram is also known as the "Star of David" in Judaism, it is much older than Judaism, and has its origins in Vedas (Rig Veda). In India the symbol represents the "cosmic dance" of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine principles in perfect union. Since the "Sacred Union" is the source of all life in the Universe, the six-pointed star has long been acknowledged as the model for balance and wholeness, representing the entire living cosmos - "male and female", "heaven and earth", "spirit and matter", "light and dark" and all living things.

The sentence in the banner is in Sanskrit and can be loosely translated as "The seeker of knowledge has no need for life's luxuries, not even for sleep". Creative people know this for a fact. An inquisitive mind is like a sparkling fountain of questions and ideas, each droplet seeking another to join into a pool, because the knowledge is the only commodity that increases by sharing and using. Come to think of it, KNOWLEDGE is not only the most valuable posession, but also one that can not be stolen...


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