Agragami Applied Aeronautics is the perfect place for the students of diverse background who really want to pursue knowledge about flying vehicles and unmanned systems. We really respect those students who have the potential to do something for the society and country through the advancement of science and technology. We invite them to do work with us and promote the technology through inspiration and innovation.

Apart from these the courses and facilities what we provide will give you an exposure to get into various Aerospace companies in India as well as abroad. All software companies in India are now putting their hands into aerospace field which is really creating lots of job opportunities for the students. If you really have the motivation to do work for Aerospace Industries then come to Agragami Applied Aeronautics which will make you ready to face the real world situation.

Agragami Applied Aeronautics is a branch of Agragami Group of Institutions. It is a separate department for providing Aerospace services and its solutions. The department is fully dedicated to the students who are interested in UAVs and small flying objects including fixed wing aircrafts and multi-copters.It is the one and only RC institute in India which provides the students on campus flying training, workshop and internships facility. Students can come, stay and pursue their knowledge in various programs from well experienced professionals.

Air Shows

We have brought an opportunity for you to have a real flight show in front of you. You will get an actual flying experience along with lots of fun.

Internship & Training

  • Fixed Wing UAV / MAV
  • Rotary Wing UAV/MAV
  • UAV Propulsion systems


  • RC Aircraft
  • RC Quad Copter
  • Glider

    Flying Training

  • Fixed Wing (Electric / Engine plane)
  • Rotorcraft (Quad Copter / Tri Copter
  • FVP Flying
  • Simulator Flying

    R & D

    Agragami Applied Aeronautics has its own facility and establishment for doing research and development of high grade UAVs which are capable of accomplishing real world goals and missions. Agragami Applied Aeronautics aims to create a platform for the students and youngsters to develop unmanned systems that can be used for civilian as well as defense purpose.

    Contact us

    Agragami VSM Aerospace
    C.A. No. 14 & 15/1, 13th A Main, Sector 'A'
    Yelahanka New Town
    Bangalore- 560064

    Web: http//


    Tele. 080-65319551, 8095340246, 9778528824, 9538598222

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