We may not be as colorful every day, but we surely are a bunch of colorful personalities. All of us - over 250 people. Probably the most colorful is THE BOSS, in the middle surrounded by the rest of us, mortals...

If you browsed through our web site, you should know by now where, and if, you fit into our organization. We are always looking for bright, self-motivated and dedicated people to help us manage and grow all the parts of Agragami. We are this big family, and our Chairman really takes care of us, even if sometimes ... Let's just say that the other main prerequisite for survival at Agragami - besides excellent qualifications and selfless dedication - is a good sense of humour.

We are also looking for briliant physicists and engineers who know Sanskrit and are familiar with Vedas - even if only vagely, like that lady in red, behind the boss. You will be working with these two people (and other scientific minds in several countries) on unusual and disruptive technologies, proving AGAIN the concepts that were proven thousands of years ago, and turning doubters into believers.

If you are interested in employment at Agragami, please send us your resume to employment@agragami.in and we will get back to you if our requirements and your skills are compatible.

If you are a scientist or an engineer who is interested in our R&D work, please contact research@agragami.in. One of us will get back to you ASAP.


M/S Flightline Bangalore has a large number of fielded mission planning and war-gaming Solutions deployed with the IAF. They have approached us with job offers for B .Tech /AME students.

Candidates should be:

- fluent in English

- possess good communications skills

- have an interest in computer software/war-gaming

- Know Windows Excel /Office, and at least database basics

- Understand aviation /flight planning and navigation logic

- Understand world coordinate systems

- Have an exposure to Flight Simulation

Salary starts at Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000 - depending on skills set and interview

Eligible Ex VSM B. Tech /AME students are advised to forward their CV's to our email vsmaerospaceblr@gmail.com for our compilation and further forwarding to M/S Flightline.

Date of Interview will be advised by email/sms by us.

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