The key to success is the proper utilization of knowledge and up to date technology backed by the dream to succeed. In the race to make our Nation a developed one by 2020, the fully trained manpower in various fields will be the foundation stone for success. The aviation, globally and in particular from Indian point of view, is emerging as one of the most attractive career options. We at VSM take pride in offering our students the most rewarding future in the entire spectrum of aviation, be it as designer, a manufacturer, or as a maintenance personnel. With Nation's most prestigious "Lunar Mission" in the anvil coupled with the "Open Sky" policy of the Indian Government, and the planned acquisition of state-of-the-art aircraft by various airlines, VSM will no doubt play a vital role in preparing the students to take up the challenges ahead.

Come and rejoice being part of a winning Team and be THE Leader of the Future.

With the Indian Government's Open Sky Policy declared in 1993, a good number of private airline operators appeared on the Indian aviation scene which was earlier the monopoly of Indian Airlines and Air India. A direct consequence of this development was the demand for qualified and experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

In response to this demand, Late Group Captain C. Chandrasekharan, VSM, opened the VSM Aerospace AME Training School in 1993. The School was approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Government of India (Approval No. Q-3/BGLR/MISC/1307-09). After the original Founder passed away, the J.C. Kala Educational and Cultural Trust (R) and Kakaday Santhuram Lakshmi Bai Charitable Trust (R) purchased the school in 2002.

Since then, under the leadership of its Chairman, H. R. Satishchandra, VSM Aerospace AME Training School transformed into one of the top AME training schools in South Asia and the best one in India.

Our Institute is one of only two in India approved by DGCA in the following three Licence categories: (Reference: Q3/BGLR/MISC/1307 dated 21/4/1995, Q/VSM/TRG/764 dated 28/03/08 and Q/VSM/TRG/1629 dated 19/08/2009. Relevant regulations: Civil Aviation Requirements, Section 2 - Airworthiness, Series E, Part VIII, Issue IV, dated 30th May 2008, Revision I, 15th November 2008)

(Helicopter and Power plants) - comprising of rotary wing Aircraft (RA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE)

comprising of Electrical Stream (ES), Instrument Systems (IS) and Radio Navigation System (RN)

(Aeroplane and Power Plants) – comprising of Light Aeroplanes (LA), Heavy Aeroplanes (HA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE)

We are relentlessly striving to be the best - join us and be recognized as the BEST when you graduate from VSM Aerospace AME Training School.


The European Aviation Safety Agency is the centerpiece of the European Union's strategy for aviation safety. Their mission is to promote the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. In order to certify an aircraft fit for service, engineers must be in possession of an appropriate license.

This program offered by VSM Aerospace AME is designed to provide Aircraft Maintenance Engineers for the International Airlines that must certify their aircraft as per EASA standards, so they can certify each airplane before takeof as fit for flying. The EASA course is designed to provide our students with the proper knowledge and skill levels to excel in their chosen career field as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

This training prepares our students with the knowledge and skill required to pass the Part 66 exam for different categories administered by EASA to gain employment in maintenance fields as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. EASA Part-66 regulates the knowledge requirements for Certifying Staff in EASA Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organizations. EASA Part-66 defines the following categories of Certifying Staff:

B1 - Maintenance Certifying Technician - Mechanical
B2 - Maintenance Certifying Technician -Avionics

Please take into account that with all of these licenses, it is not just a matter of attending a course and you get the license; you also need to provide proof that you have completed the required amount of work experience within an EASA Part-145 approved maintenance organization or equivalent. Approved examinations have a 5-year shelf life, so you can study at your own pace, but please remember that within this time you also need to gain your experience and at least 6 months of the experience must be gained within the last 12 months before you apply for your license.

We are very proud of what we did with this airplane. When we bought it for training purposes, it was dismantled for shipping to our campus. Well, "dismantled" turned out to be more like "butchered". Under the watchful eye of our professors (and our resident bean counter-accountant for the costs of all the parts), our students with the help of a couple of experts familiar with this particular model, put it all together and made everything in it to WORK !!!

And look at it now...From the scrap to the spiffy looking plane with fully functioning engines (see video)

Here our students are putting the final touches on a helicopter that was purchased after a crash becasue it was "not fixable"...

And look at it now...the moment of truth (see video)

VSM is one of the very few AME training institutes in Asia and in India which has its own light and heavy airplanes and helicopters on the property, for students to have "hands on" training - in addition to well equipped library and laboratories with parts and instruments. Of course, our excellent teaching staff, which makes all the difference in student's comprehension of the subjects, imparts the knowledge and discipline in equal measures. VSM is co-educational and we welcome ladies in the spirit of respect and equality.

With sprawling campus and well supervised on-site hostel facilities for students, the Institute caters to the needs of students in the academic and extra-curricular activities, both in terms of sports and talent nurturing. Backed by a highly competent team of faculty, the Institute also arranges six month "on-the-job" training in a government and private airline industry.


We have one of the best training facilities available, with plenty of equipment and machinery in the workshops to explore and learn the nuts and bolts of the profession.

We have 3 helicopters, including a fairly new military jet machine that we fixed after a crash landing...indeed, a very rare opportunity for a reality check...In addition, we have 2 planes, one light and one heavy, jet engines, rotary engines, instrumentation, laboratories where we assemble and disassemble all sorts of aircraft components, computers and books. We are continuously adding more resources from all over the world to our On-line Library
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In civil aviation in India, like in all other countries, any maintenace activity either on aircraft, aeroengines or aircraft systems has to be certified by appropriately licenced engineers for whom the licence is to be issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. Such licenced engineers are called AMEs. The licences are given, after duly passing the DGCA examinations, in various categories such as described in the Syllabus for AME Examination.

Over the three year duration of AME course, consisting of five semesters of theory and practical training at the school and one semester of "hands-on" training in any Airline / Operator / Maintenance Base, you will learn to repair the faults and make the aircraft aiworthy.

To summarize, the licences are given after duly passing the DGCA examinations in various categories such as:

Aircraft (Category A for line maintenance and Category B for overhaul),
Aeroengines (Category C for line maintenance and Category D for overhaul)
Electrical System (Category E)
Instrument System (Category I)
Rdio/Radar/Navigation Systems (Category R)
and overhaul of accessories (Category X)

Be prepared to get your hands dirty from time to time, and live by a certain set of rules. While the dirt you can wash off (don't forget the nails...), the knowledge, discipline and good work habits will remain with you till the rest of your life.

This is all part of the Agragami Education & Experience package, together with 2 sets of uniforms to be worn for theoretical classes, and coveralls to be worn for practical workshop training. We also provide a college bag with a complete set of core books (plus tons of other library materials and web based LEARNING resources to keep you gainfully occupied 24/7 if you wish), and a tool kit containing different kinds of tools to enable you to perform practical work while you are getting your hands dirty.

So smile, and have a good time with us...

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The job prospects for the AME grow relative to the growth of air traffic in India and in Asia region. India is one of two growing economic tigers in the world pulling with them the rest of Asia. While you can obtain training in many other AME schools, Agragami is the BEST, and its students get preferential treatment with the employers.

By the time you complete your "hands-on" training at the facilities of one of our affiliated industry partners; and providing you exhibit the knowledge, precision, discipline and work ethics we were trying to instill in you, you will have your first job assured upon receiving the licence.



Relax... it is not THAT difficult - we still have some energy left for a bad joke and a good laugh...

- Minimum aeronautical experience at the time of appearing for the paper 1 of AME examination is ONE YEAR. Training in an approved training school is accepted as aeronautical experience for the purpose.

- 85% attendance is a must as per DGCA regulations.

- On successful completion of paper I, II and III in the respective field of specialization, the student will be issued BASIC AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEER LICENCE (BAMEL) by DGCA.

- In case of foreign students, the Institute shall provide a certificate stating that the candidate is a "Bonafide Student", and a course completion certificate will be provided, to enable foreign students obtain local licences from the respective national aviation authorities.

- Students desiring to join the Institute, should remit applications early (see the Admission Details - VSM Institute & AME)
as the seats fill up quickly and we serve on a "first come-first serve" basis. The last day of admission is June 30thevery year.

- Progress cards indicating the progress and performance of the students will be sent to the Parents/Guardian at regular intervals on completion of written test.

You can send us inquiries at

The original founder of VSM Aerospace AME Training School was a distinguished airman, late Group Captain C. Chandrasekharan, who was awarded by the President of India the Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) to recognize his "distinguished service of an exceptional order" in India's Air Force. Let his spirit be the guiding inspiration for all of you who have the love of aerospace and engineering - and most of all - to those of you who love the thrill of achievement of "exceptional order".


We are striving to make this web site the most informative for our students and visitors. We hope, that this web site will become a community effort, because without YOUR input, wishes, critiques (and criticism), we will not be able to achieve this objective.

So please help us and send us your corrections and comments (good, bad, even ugly) - everything will be appreciated, acknowledged, and whenever possible - implemented ASAP. Just click here
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